With love

buddha lanka_seerose1

A white Buddha overlooking an amazing and calm landscape – it feels like this place became that calm because of this statue sitting there in grace on top of the mountain and in never ending love. Or did Buddha come to sit down here, because of the place was that calm and beautiful?
The lotus is a symbol for overcoming hate, jealousy and all negative feelings that are around, rise above them all and then shine like a lotus flower. And I guess we all have times where our very personal lotus flower is blooming more or less … but the good thing is: Flowers start blooming again once they faded. So never stop trying. 😉

These two pictures are Symbols to a religion, who is itself a symbol of peace and loving kindness to me.
Peace and love – this should actually be the only symbols ever a religion has – nothing more or less.

But religions are being used to spread manmade philosophies, hate and power.
All the religions – and yes also Buddhism (there are buddhist monks walking around with guns under their robes, taking the money they get from donnations to build their own house, and showing off their ivory collection…all of this experienced in Sri Lanka, and this is only scratching at the surface).

Perhaps we should just let go off all the religious symbols – not pray to something manmade, not offer things that we paied for, not behave in a certain way that we think God would want us to behave. If these Gods are so great as the preachers, monks and holy books tell us, do you really think they need us tiny little beeings worhsiping them? Telling them how great they are and that only his path is the right one to follow? Woud this Gods not just have made us in a way that all we do is worshipping them, if the need it so bady – I mean at least they created us, so they should also have the power to make us the most perfect. Right?
But wait a second. Did all these Gods gave us brains to think, when we only should follow what they say? Really?

According to me religion should simply be love and understanding and the world would be a better place. And not all this human made crap symbols we should belive in according to whoever thinks he or she is better than us.
Call me a dreamer. A sinner. A lover.
I am all and nothing. And so are you.

But having said all that: I love visiting Buddhist tempels, looking at all the symbolic things you can find there and listining to the soothing chants of the monks.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.”


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