Indian Women

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The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence.

It’s international woman’s day today.
I watched the heavy discussed BBC documentary “India’s daughter” yesterday and I am once again shocked by the viewpoints of certain Indian men about woman. We have the year 2015 and they still point out that a girl is more responsible for rape than a boy! It makes me dedicate todays post to India’s wonderful woman.

“Society makes you feel cheap. I chose not to feel like a victim. I am not a victim. I am a survivor. I speak about it with a lot of pride, because I am proud of what I have become today. I have not done a mistake. I don’t want my face to be blurred. I am not to be ashamed for. The guys that have done it should be hiding their faces and they should be blurring their faces.”
Woman rights activist Sunitha Krishnan

I wish for all the Indian woman that things change, that their voices are heard and that confidencen is given to each and every little girl born in this country.

Here are some links to the issue:

And finally an NGO that works for woman:


4 thoughts on “Indian Women

  1. Being from India…I would say that gender inequality is an issue..And the mindset of an Indian whether male or female needs to evolve… Society has a lot of biases on various grounds like religion,caste,sex etc…However saying all this… You need to understand that we are a 1.2 billion strong people… There is a large section of society which is liberal and broad minded… We are vocal about the injustices of any form… It would be a gross misconception to think that women in India don’t have a place or don’t have a voice… That documentary showed just one part of our people… There is also another part of India which is progressive and liberal in their thoughts and actions… After all we are a people from whom greats like Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda and the likes emerged to lead the world to a new light and philosophy 🙂

    I’m proud to be Indian… I’m blessed to be part of this beautiful nation… Take the history of India and the paths through which we have been through… After being plundered of our wealth by Colonial Britain and being put down to extreme poverty… We have risen… And we are still standing…Still giving it everything we’ve got … And I’m sure there are better days ahead of us 🙂

    • Dear clearstreamofreaseon, thanks for you comment and the reblogg of my pics.
      Indeed India has done a lot of steps in the past and I am sure there are still a lot of good ones to come! As you can maybe tell by my photos: I love India and the Indians with their welcoming and often happy attitude. I studied and lived in India for a while and have seen, that the ideas about gender are very different wherever you go. Also: the life of a woman in Mumbai is 180 degrees different from that of a woman in rural Rajasthan. But from beeing a woman myself and having had contact with quite a few ladies, I can say, that life of a woman still is much harder than the everyday life of a man. I got used to be starred and constantly talked at. And even got used to be asked if I am up for some different kind of fun.. NO I was not, and YES it felt strange to get asked questions like this out of the blue … but at least I got asked and my NO was respected. Too many other girls don’t have this chance!
      Have a great day! And thanks for stepping by my blog!

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